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Live from Edmonton
Revival Fire 2024

May 17, 18, 19 2024

Alberta Avenue Community Centre
9210-118th Avenue 
Edmonton, Alberta

Hotel Accommodations: Hampton Inn & Suites

Friday 1:30pm  Greg Gill
3:00pm Marcel Okemow / Pat & Felicia Linklater
6:00pm  Alex Osorio

Saturday 9:30am Charla Smith (from Jimmy Swaggart Ministries)
1:30pm  Fred Wood
3:00pm  Sharon Thomas
6:00pm  Jim Felix

Sunday 9:30am  Dave Smith (from Jimmy Swaggart Ministries)
1:30pm  Colleen Okemow
6:00pm  Debbie Rich (from Rodney Howard-Browne Ministries)

Co-Host:  Danny & Marlene Heathen
Rivers of Living Water Church

Music Guests:
Revival Fire Band
Ivan Sawan
Murdo Woodhouse
Amos Badger

Kim Miller Band 6pm Nightly

Revival Fire Youth:  Denny & Becky Heathen
Revival Fire Kids:  Maralee Dawn & Friends
As Seen On: Daystar Television

Prayer Intercessors:  Ian & Hilda Oliver

Jesus bless You as you make plans to come...
We love You and are Praying for You...


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